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About Tape Storage

Tape storage is a system that stores data by using a magnetic tape.
As the amount of data is growing explosively worldwide, tape storage is the most suitable large-capacity data storage among the storage systems that record/store digital data. Tape storage is now gathering attention, not only as a backup usage for disaster recoveries, but also as an archive solution for long-time data storage.

  • Tape Storage Systems

    Although the configuration of a tape storage system varies depending on many factors, it is generally composed of magnetic tape media (e.g. LTO), tape drives and tape automation devices, and controls the reading and writing data files by using software.


Magnetic Tape Systems

There are three types of format main standards for magnetic tape systems: open standards LTO, which is an open formatare called midrange standards, and the two independent formats standards established each developed by IBM and Oracle. which are called enterprise standards.


The Latest Tape Storage Technologies

Magnetic tape systems are not a history. Technical innovations and functional improvement are taking place. We will introduce the latest topics regarding the outstanding technological advances.


Tape Drives and Tape Automation

Tape drive is a device that reads and writes data. Tape automation, which is an external storage device that contains a lot of tape cartridges, multiple drives and a robot machine that identifies each cartridge and loads it to the drives.