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Storage Comparison

Data storage systems are changing. Compared with methods such as disk storage, which uses hard disks (HDD), optical disk storage, and cloud storage, what advantages does tape storage offer?

Storage Systems

  • ● Tape storage

    Uses magnetic tape media as a recording media and is an optimal high-capacity data recorder.

  • ● Disk storage

    Uses a hard disk (HDD), popular in many fields because of its lower cost.

  • ● Optical disk storage

    Uses an optical disk, mainly used for recorded music and videos.

  • ● Cloud storage

    Storage services in the cloud, offered by many providers.


Disk Storage vs. Tape Storage

These days, HDDs are widely used because of their lower cost. What advantages does tape storage have compared to disk storage?


Optical Disk Storage vs. Tape Storage

Optical disks are mainly used for recorded music and videos. Why are magnetic tape media (tape storage) more commonly used than optical disks (Blu-ray)?