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How to sail the big data era?

Facebook stores tremendous volume of photo data, and the data volume are still growing every day. Facebook was troubled by keeping to buy storage devices. The company analyzed the data and found only a small volume of data cause over a half of traffic*. In other word, they found there is a large volume of data which doesn’t move so much. Thus, the company built data center only for such data, “Cold Data”, in Oregon. It can store Exabyte data without generators and uninterruptible power systems. “Cold Data” is one of the data categories we introduce in this article.
*is the data volume moving around the network

“Data Category”

Archive Category

Let’s apply the categorization to archive data. They archive almost everything except for in-line real time data in the field of big data analysis. After analyzed, the original data is archived or is stored for a certain period or long term. It can be analyzed again from the archive data if a new analysis scheme is invented. The archive category below can make the requirement or application field more concrete.

Many of you might be aware that less SNS and cloud services have limited the data retention period recently. Today, you experience the era when your whole life is automatically saved in an album from SNS. It shows that the capacity of cold archive and frozen archive will increase semi-permanently. Nowadays a tape which is the lowest cost and high scalability is used more frequently. Also, the point of moving data without vendor lock-in meets the demand of the modern cloud community.