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Why Tape Storage

Optimal Tape Storage for the Big Data Era


The data volume created all over the world is increasing rapidly, by 40% each year. In 2020, it is said that the volume will reach 40 ZB. To address the issue of the rapid growth of data in the big data era, it is necessary to build effective storage systems. Tape storage represents an optimum data storage solution.

Rapid Growth in Data Volume

Data volumes being created or duplicated are growing rapidly around the world. In 2020, the volume is expected to be five times more than it was in 2015. It is also said that approximately 70% of the total data volume is cold data, which means that the data is rarely used or not accessed frequently.


Changes in Value of Using Tape Storage

Due to the increasing data amount and changes in the value of data usage, tape storage systems are being re-evaluated.


Trend in Total Volume of Data Tapes Shipped

The total volume of shipped magnetic tape media is growing steadily along with the increasing data volume around the world.


Data Area in Storage

Most of the data created is the cold data that is not frequently accessed.
Although the access frequency is low, storage of cold data is often obligatory. It also has infinite value for analysis and other applications. As such, cold data is precious and cannot be discarded. Even in circumstances where data volumes are growing, we achieve cost savings and effective data management by defining our own data areas and building an optimal storage structure for each area.


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